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>  11 August, 2002
>Coast Salish Territory, Canada
>  To the world community,
>  From The Executive, The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada (Vancouver)
>       The government of Canada and other parties complicit in the planned
> extermination of Indigenous peoples are attempting to legally censor and
> destroy the evidence of such Genocide compiled by our Commission since
> the UN-affiliated Tribunal of June, 1998, at which our Commission was
> established.
>       In so doing, these parties are also attempting to supress all
> oppostion to the mass export of Canadian water to the United States by
> the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) and other
> corporations, which is presently occuring through the eviction of
> countless native people off their land into conditions of poverty and
> slow death.
>        The government and other guilty parties are attempting this
> through a Supreme Court Injunction, secured on August 2, 2002, which
> silences any criticism or discussion of one of their agents, Chief Edward
> John of the Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council of Prince George, BC, who has
> been at the centre of this effort to secure native lands and water for
> American multinationals.
>        We need the direct help of everyone reading this email if the
> ongoing Genocide of native people in Canada is to be resisted.
>        In this email, we have provided you with a background essay on
> this situation composed by Rev. Kevin Annett, as well as updates, and a
> summary statement of our Commission which can be quoted and circulated at
> your discretion.
>        We urge you to sign the email petition in defense of Rev. Annett
> which has been endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky and others. It can be
> accessed at this website:
>(note: the letter after "genocid" is the number "1", not an "l")
>        With thanks for your continued support,
>        The Executive of The Truth Commission
>   A Short Background to the Crime and its Actors: Ethnic Cleansing in
> Canada, Then and Now
>       The pale plague swept over their quiet land and slaughtered 99 out
> of every 100 of the indigenous People by the pale year called 1900. Those
> who survived were rounded up and put in the internment camps called
> "Indian reserves", ruled over by priests, state agents and their
> compliant native allies who were suddenly made the "Chiefs" of the
> survivors. But the worst was still to come.
>        The handful of survivors looked to their children to continue the
> old ways, the language and secret rites that kept the People in harmony
> with Creator's will and her land. But the pale invaders wanted to capture
> the souls of all future People of this land, for they knew that once so
> enslaved the People would not halt the theft of the trees and fish and
> minerals so lusted after by the Pale ones. And so the invaders and their
> priests kidnapped the children forever and imprisoned them in death camps
> called "Indian Residential Schools".
>       Over half of the children never returned from these camps, dying of
> hunger and disease and deliberate killings. The land became filled with
> secret burial sites and the smoke of incinerated little corpses. Even the
> God of the Pale ones stayed tortured on a cross of wood.
>        But not all of the children were killed. Some of them were chosen
> by the invaders to become their slaves. The loyal and brave children were
> isolated and destroyed. The cowards, the weak ones, were identified and
> given better food, warmer clothes, and a daily education if they would
> betray their own people and act as informers and enforcers for the Pale ones.
>        These slaves prospered in the death camps. They gradually learned
> that the only way to survive was to think, act and feel like the Pale
> ones. They came to hate themselves and their fellow People, and to long
> for everything the Pale ones had. They learned how to beat and rape and
> rule over their own People.
>       Soon, these slaves graduated and went to the Pale universities, and
> found positions in the "band councils" established by the invaders'
> government in Ottawa. The slaves spoke in the name of their People,
> without being of them at all. And one day, they began to negotiate
> treaties and sell off the ancestral land of their People at the bidding
> of the government and foreign corporations. This, after all, was the
> reason the invaders had spared them - and the slaves were handsomely
> rewarded for this by the pale ones.
>       But they were troubled souls, as all slaves are. Somewhere in their
> hearts they longed for the pure air of freedom, of discovering again who
> they were in Creator's mind and not in the minds of the invaders. And yet
> they lived in the affluence and security of their masters, and feared the
> poverty and death that so engulfed their People, the ones who had not
> become slaves.
>      On the long coastline of the land the invaders called "British
> Columbia", the attack on the People had been more severe, for there was
> more wealth to be taken from them, and more secret coves where the People
> could hide and avoid the pale plague. Very few People survived the
> smallpox and tuberculosis deliberately spread by the pale Ones in the
> coastal and inland villages. But for those who did, the pattern was the
> same as elsewhere: slaves were cultivated from their ranks, and helped
> the pale rulers rob the People of most of their land. Few of them even
> bothered to sign treaties with the Pale ones.
>        Here on the coast, the Pale ones thus felt free to unleash their
> full hatred and fear of the People. Waving their crosses, their priests
> tried out new methods of exterminating those People who would not bend
> their knees, surrender their land and tongue, and become Ghost souls like
> themselves.
>        The Pale churches set up special hospitals to sterilize thousands
> of People, in Bella Bella, Nanaimo, and more secret places. The slave
> Chiefs were paid by the churches and the Ottawa rulers to bring their own
> People into these hospitals for the operation that would kill off all
> future generations of Free People.
>        In the "residential schools", children were given poisoned food,
> starved and beaten to death, and were experimented on with strange drugs
> and electricity. They were lined up like cattle and chosen by wealthy
> pale men, to be violated and tortured, and then buried in secret by the
> slave Chiefs. The same Chiefs hid the evidence of these crimes, silenced
> the witnesses, and kept the mass graves a secret.
>       The People were terrorized in this way to make them too afraid to
> remember who they were: Keepers of the Land that the Pale ones now called
> their own.
>        One day in the 1970's, the Ottawa masters decided that a change
> was needed. American companies and the military desperately needed the
> water, the minerals and the oil that the People still occupied on their
> reserves. These companies and their government to the south demanded that
> Ottawa simply evict the stubborn survivors from this precious land, but
> it was not that easy. For the People had begun multiplying again, and
> there were too many of them to be killed off as in the old days. And so a
> more subtle way was needed to rob them of their last territories.
>        The slave Chiefs would do so for Ottawa and the Americans.
> Securely tied to Pale society by the billions of dollars given them every
> year by Ottawa, the band council Chiefs saw nothing but the Pale world
> and its budgets, votes and legislation. Slaves are slaves because they
> cannot even imagine freedom, let alone step towards a new way. And so
> when Ottawa offered more bribes to the Chiefs in return for more of their
> land, the Chiefs gladly signed away their People's land and its wealth.
>        More and more, the People were forced off their land by their own
> Chiefs, and flocked into the Pale cities where they were denied even the
> meagre bribes granted to them on the reserves. By 1990, three quarters of
> the People lived off the reserves: poor, diseased, and landless, just
> like the Americans and Ottawa wanted.
>        In places of most importance to the American companies, like the
> central region of "British Columbia" with its vast water and
> hydro-electric reserves, the slave Chiefs were given great power to
> destroy their own People and steal their land. Secret death squads were
> created to eliminate People and traditional elders who refused to leave
> their land. Drug trafficking and child prostitution was used by the
> Chiefs to pay for these crimes, and to further their power, and hold over
> the People. And secret contracts were signed between foreign companies
> like Alcan and the slave Chiefs, that robbed the resources of the People
> without their even knowing it.
>        The pale rulers, and the leaders of their churches, and their
> RCMP, all condoned and concealed these crimes, for they knew that if the
> truth was ever revealed, the long history of mass murder of the People
> would also be unearthed. For they were all implicated - pale and slave
> Chiefs alike - and they would stand or fall together.
>        And yet the longer these crimes continued, the more outraged
> became those People who survived them. New voices began emerging from
> within "aboriginal communities", challenging the slave Chiefs and their
> collusion in Genocide. And some of these new voices began to be heard
> even within Pale society.
>        This is how I learned of the crimes, and the central role of the
> slave Chiefs in them. This is how I met People like Frank Martin, Helen
> Michell and those like them - and learned of the North American Water and
> Power Alliance, and the secret plan to divert Canadian water to the
> south. And this is how Ottawa and its slave chiefs tried to silence me
> and the others who spoke of the ongoing extermination of indigenous
> People in Canada.
>        Rev. Kevin Annett (Caiomhin Annaid Ui Niall )
>Where Things Stand: August 11, 2002 - Written from Coast Salish Territory
>("Vancouver, British Columbia")
>      Statement of The Executive, The Truth Commission into Genocide in
> Canada       (http://canadiangenocide.nativeweb.org)
>        1. The government of Canada, through state-funded native
> politicians and the law firm of Blake, Cassels and Graydon in Vancouver,
> is attempting to permanently silence its critics through a Supreme Court
> Injunction that, if violated, will allow the courts to imprison those
> persons named in the Injunction: Rev. Kevin Annett, Frank Martin and
> Helen Michell, Arthur Topham and others who have discovered and made
> public evidence of deliberate Genocide of indigenous people in Canada by
> the government, churches and state-funded native leaders.
>        2. This attack on Canadian citizens and their consitutional rights
> is being orchestrated behind the cover of an apparent "defamation"
> lawsuit brought by Chief Ed John of the Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council of
> Prince George.
>       3. Since the convening of the first independent Tribunal into
> Indian Residential Schools, in Vancouver from June 12-14, 1998 - a forum
> sponsored by the United Nations affiliate, IHRAAM - it has been attested
> by native eyewitnesses through written and oral depositions made under
> oath that prominent officials of the Carrier-Sekani and Nuu-Chah-Nulth
> Tribal Councils, including Chief Ed John, have engaged in criminal acts
> against their own people designed to drive them off their traditional lands.
>       4. These acts have included murder, arbitrary eviction from homes,
> summary arrest without due process, physical coercion, bribery,
> extortion, kidnapping, rape and misinformation campaigns designed to
> marginalize the intended victims in their own communities, according to
> the aforementioned eyewitnesses.
>        5. Under oath, at the IHRAAM Tribunal of June, 1998 and at
> subsequent public forums, Frank Martin and Helen Michell of the
> Carrier-Sekani Nation accused the Chief and Council of this Nation of
> engaging in these acts in order to secure the land of their Maxan Lake
> Bear Clan. To quote their signed statement of July 23, 2002:
>        "Chiefs of the Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council in Prince George, BC
> have employed violence, extortion, and even murder to secure trap lines
> and other lands from their own people ... Chief Maureen Ogen and Grand
> Chief Edward John ... collaborated to eliminate us, Helen Michell and
> Frank Martin, from the Carrier Nation territory."
>        6. On June 20, 1998, the IHRAAM Tribunal wrote to the
> Attorney-General of British Columbia, Ujjal Dosanjh, and informed him of
> the allegations made against the Grand Chief and Council of the
> Carrier-Sekani Nation, and asked that he investigate these allegations.
> Mr. Dosanjh never replied to this request.
>        7. However, in November, 2000, the same Ujjal Dosanjh - as Premier
> of British Columbia - appointed the Chief in question, Mr. Ed John, to
> his cabinet as Minister for Children and Families, despite Mr. John being
> a private, unelected citizen.
>        8. Numerous citizens wrote to Premier Dosanjh to protest Ed John's
> appointment, and were threatened by the Premier with legal action in response.
>        9. During this period, several articles were printed in a small
> newspaper, The Radical, in Ed John's territory which repeated the
> allegations made by Frank Martin and Helen Michell regarding Ed John and
> other chiefs. Mr. John took no legal action against this newspaper or
> these persons for nearly two years, despite his subsequent claim that he
> considered these allegations "defamatory".
>        10. In May, 2001, Ed John announced his candidacy in the
> provincial election. The day his campaign commenced, he initiated a legal
> action against The Radical, Frank and Helen, Rev. Kevin Annett and
> persons who had quoted the allegations against him or merely objected to
> his cabinet appointment in 2000. The lawsuit was made by Marvin Storrow
> of Blake, Cassells and Graydon in Vancouver, a personal confident of
> Prime Minister Jean Chretien and a prominent Liberal Party insider.
>        11. This lawsuit was not continued after Mr. John lost his
> election bid until the subsequent year, in June of 2002, when John ran
> for the leadership of the First Nations Summit, the main treaty-making
> body for native people in BC. The lawsuit was then re-commenced against
> the same parties by Marvin Storrow of Blake, Cassels and Graydon.
>        12. Rather than hold a public defamation trial, Mr. John applied
> for an Injunction against Kevin Annett and the others that would prevent
> them from commenting on or even discussing the allegations of criminal
> behaviour by Mr. John. Neither Kevin Annett nor Frank and Helen were ever
> served papers to appear in court, yet nevertheless the Injunction
> application went ahead on July 22, 2002, before Justice James Taylor in
> the Supreme Court of BC.
>       13. At this hearing, it was revealed that Judge Taylor was in a
> severe conflict of interest and should not have been presiding. Taylor
> had been the lawyer for the Law Society of BC in May, 1994 when it had
> prosecuted lawyer Jack Cram for his naming of senior judges as possible
> actors in a native-run pedophile network in Vancouver. Since Ed John was
> being accused of participation in precisely such a pedophile ring by some
> of the defendants, Taylor was asked by defendant Arthur Topham, editor of
> The Radical newspaper, to step down as judge. Taylor refused to do so. He
> then reserved his judgement and declared a media ban on the proceedings
> of the case.
>        14. On August 2, 2002, Taylor granted the Injunction to Ed John
> without divulging any of the details of that Injunction, beyond the fact
> that it imposed an absolute ban on any discussion of allegations made
> against Mr. John.
>        15. Judge Taylor had been assigned to this case by Chief Justice
> Donald Brenner, an appointee of the Liberal government and a long-time
> Liberal party member. In 2000, in a Nanaimo court decision, Justice
> Brenner had ruled that genocide had not occured in the Alberni Indian
> Residential School and that there was "no evidence" that the church and
> government had known about the crimes occuring there, despite evidence to
> the contrary given in his courtroom! This evidence included an admission
> by the United Church lawyer Hinkston that a cover-up of abuses in the
> Alberni school had been engneered by the government and United Church
> since 1960. (The Province, October 27, 1998)
>       16. The Injunction granted by Judge Taylor is an appalling attack
> on free speech and due process in Canada. In the manner of medieval Star
> Chamber courts, which eliminated political opponents of the English
> monarchs, this Injunction has deprived the defendants of their rights
> even before a trial was held to determine whether or not Ed John was in
> fact defamed by the defendants.
>       17. The reason for this blatant destruction of common law rights
> became evident in the course of the July 22 hearing for Ed John's
> injunction. Throughout this hearing, government lawyer Marvin Storrow
> presented no evidence that his client had been defamed, but instead aimed
> his attack primarily on Rev. Kevin Annett and the work of our Truth
> Commission. Storrow repeatedly held up the publication "Hidden from
> History: The Canadian Holocaust", authored by the defendant Rev. Annett,
> and claimed that its contents were the issue at the hearing, not Mr.
> John's reputation. In short, the supposed "defamation case" was
> transformed into an assault on the efforts by Rev. Annett and our
> Commission to expose Genocide in Canada.
>        18. By this Injunction, the government of Canada and its agents
> have taken the first step towards banning the publication of "Hidden from
> History" and any other evidence related to its planned Genocide of
> indigenous people, and to its secret plans to export Canadian water to
> the USA through the dispossession of native people from their land.
>        19. This Injunction, therefore, constitutes not only an attack on
> Canadian citizens by their own government, but an attempt by that same
> government to conceal the evidence of its complicity in crimes against
> humanity, for which it and the churches of Canada should be tried under
> international law before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
>       20. The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada calls on the world
> community to rally to the defense of Rev. Kevin Annett, Frank Martin and
> Helen Michell, and the others who are named in this Injunction. We urge
> people to sign the e-mail Petition to the government of Canada already
> endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky, which can be accessed on this website:
>        http://www.petitiononline.com/genocid1/petition.html
>        We also call on Amnesty International to investigate these
> attacks, and to adopt Rev. Annett and the other defendants as public
> Prisoners of Conscience if they are arrested or face other disciplinary
> actions.
>        As part of this defense, we call on the world community to endorse
> our call for an international War Crimes Tribunal to be convened under UN
> auspices on indigenous territory in Canada, to try those parties accused
> of crimes of Genocide against First Nations people: the federal and
> provincial governments, the RCMP,  the Roman Catholic, United, Anglican
> and Presbyterian Churches, and corporations like Weyerhauser and The
> North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA).
>        August 11, 2002
>  Further News from The Truth Commission:
>        1. Radio Free Canada continues! Kevin Annett's program "Hidden
> from History" is still on the air, this Monday, August 12 at 1 pm on
> Vancouver Co-op Radio, 102.7 FM. Call in until 2:30 pm at 604-684-7561.
>        2. The Truth Commission Goes on the Road: Commencing in September,
> investigators with the Commission will be fanning out through British
> Columbia and points east to continue their systematic documenting of
> crimes of genocide committed against aboriginal people. If you are
> experiencing or have knowledge of such crimes, and can organize local
> Tribunals in your area, please contact the Commission through this email
> address or at 1-888-265-1007 (toll free).
>        3. "Love and Death in the Valley": Kevin Annett's latest book,
> which tells the story of how the evidence of crimes in residential
> schools was surfaced after he began ministering in Port Alberni, is
> available in September through First Books in the USA. It can be ordered
> over the internet or by calling 1-800-839-8640, ext. 322.
>       Kevin will be doing readings from this book throughout the fall in
> many centres across Canada and the USA. Stay tuned for more information
> or call him at 604-466-1804.
>        4. More Action Internationally: The International Criminal Court
> in The Hague, which has jurisdiction to prosecute Canadians guilty of
> Genocide, has formally accepted a petition from a Nigerian human rights
> group asking that the government and churches of Canada be indicted
> before the Court for ongoing Crimes against aboriginal people. Prime
> Minister Jean Chretien has been named in the petition as a primary defendant.
>        5. Hollywood Beckons ... A major American film producer is
> examining Kevin Annett's book, "Love and Death in the Valley", prior to
> producing a possible feature length film on it. Kevin was recently
> interviewed on Shirley Maclaine's popular American radio program and is
> scheduled for a speaking tour in California.
>        Keep sending us your testimonies, tips and other news that is
> gradually prying off the lid of the crimes of Genocide committed against
> our native peoples. And keep letting the world know of our website at:
>       http://canadiangenocide.nativeweb.org
>        We are overcoming!!!

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