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Earlier today Fred posted this article from Debka files, a source about
which I was unfamiliar.  A friend  pointed me toward the below article which
does little to confirm or deny the reliability of this source, but I am
forwarding it on nonetheless should everyone have more complete knowledge or
experience with this source of information.



Gary Baum
Posted February 19, 2002

On Publishing Scoops and Canards
Israeli Web site says euphemisms and generalities are not part of its news

By Gary Baum, OJR Columnist

"We start where the media stop." The slogan is more than just a promise
emblazoned on top of the main page at Debkafile, the
independent online publication in Israel that has been likened to the Drudge
Report for information on Central Asia and the Middle East.

In fact, it seems to have become the gospel at the trail-blazing news Web
which has gained fame in recent months for its eye-catching, jaw-dropping
reports on the current war on terrorism in the region. However, Debkafile
received a mixed reaction from the media it so confidently challenges;
have questioned the publication's accuracy and objectivity, giving its
coverage comments ranging from "just plain scary" to "complete bunkum."

Debkafile operates out of a Jerusalem neighborhood centrally located between
the Old City and Palestinian settlements. First opened to the public in the
summer of 2000, it was created by two former Israel-based correspondents for
The Economist who had experience covering intelligence activity during the
War and the 1990s.......

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