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Colm's experience as The Guest at a Middle Eastern meal,
where even the poorest people in Palestine scraped together
a feast in his honour--this all came to mind as I read this tailend
of a New York Times report that included a list of recent dead
and wounded:

At the end of today's Israeli cabinet meeting, the cabinet secretary,
Gideon Saar, read out a stiff note of protest
directed at President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt for "personal attacks" on
Mr. Sharon.

"The relations between countries are based on mutuality and mutual
respect," the statement said. "The relations
between Israel and Egypt, where there is a peace agreement, are no
different in this regard. Unfortunately, the Egyptian
president and other high-ranking elements in Egypt have not been careful
about this recently and have made improper
comments that exceed any diplomatic code."

The cause appeared to be a story told in the Israeli media of remarks
Mr. Mubarak made over lunch recently to Foreign
Minister Shimon Peres, who has an uneasy relationship with Mr. Sharon.

"This fatso Sharon," Mr. Mubarak is reported to have said, referring to
the bulky Israeli leader. "I hear he eats an entire
lamb for dinner. How can anyone fall asleep after that?"

Mr. Mubarak reportedly went on to say that he had sent a senior general
to meet with Mr. Sharon at the latter's farm.
While the general had expected a huge meal, he was served only two
sausages and a tomato.

"We were so hurt that I could not just overlook the incident," Mr.
Mubarak was reported to have told Mr. Peres. "I
complained to Sharon, and he said next time the general would get three

Arafat Calls U.S. Meetings 'Very Positive'; Sharon Sees 'Trick'

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