US Activity in Iraq

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Mon Aug 12 02:51:49 MDT 2002

>    A.  Special US forces entered the Kurdish regions of north
>    Iraq towards the end of March nearly four months ago, to set
>    up local Kurdish militias and train them for battle.

This is almost certainly true. I saw these militias on a propaganda
documentary run on BBC at 'prime-time'. It seems that they will be used as a
justification for US/Brit invasion.

>From what I could see they had received at least a degree of military
training and wore what seemed to be very new uniforms. They claimed that
they were ready to fight but the only person killed was a Kurdish child by
Iraqi troops (at least according to the reporter).

>    B. At around the same time, Turkish special forces went into
>    northern Iraq in waves that continued through April, fetching
>    up in Turkmen regions around the big oil towns of Mosul and
>    Kirkuk.

The exclusion zone in the north of iraq seems to be outside Iraqi control

>    C.  Meanwhile, the Americans threw a ring of bases - using
>    existing facilities and adding new ones  - around Iraq. They
>    have since been pouring into those bases US armored ground
>    units, tanks, air, navy and missile forces, as well as combat
>    medical units and special contingents for anti-nuclear,
>    biological and chemical warfare. According to our sources,
>    the noose around Iraq extends from Georgia and Turkey in the
>    north, Israel, Egypt and Jordan to the west, Eritrea and
>    Kenya in the southwest, and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar
>    and Bahrain to the south.
>    Furthermore, a large US armada, including aircraft carriers,
>    has assembled at three points: the eastern Mediterranean, the
>    Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.
>    D.  Since June, American and Turkish construction engineers
>    have been working in northern Iraq, building and expanding
>    airfields and air strips to make them fit for military use.
>    (Details of this operation appear in an earlier report on
>    this page.)

The propaganda film showed the line of demarcation beyond which Iraqi troops
won't pass.


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