An actual theory of class and gender

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Tue Aug 13 02:48:12 MDT 2002

I would anticipate this passage of yours would incite incisive critics
to exclaim that Marx was quite aware of what he was writing:
 "There is an economic base, a social structure on top of that, and a
superstructure of ideas and politics on top of the social structure. All
are related together in a coherent whole, which I interpret  as being
"organic" in the sense that living things (such as people and society)
are organic. In the living organism all the parts are necessary: if you
take out the brain or the liver, the entire organism will die. To me,
this means that in an  organism, no one part is most important. The
brain is not prior to the liver and the liver is not prior to the brain
-- each organ has its own particular job to do and each is necessary."
--and that your analogies to the human body might bring to mind another
political economic system that was actually named after the ideal
catholic corpus, i.e., corporatism.

Class is the center of marxist analysis.
Is that in dispute?
But the marxist dialectic admits analyses of other phenomena.
Of course marxists should endorse or participate in all struggles for
liberation and rights that do not contradict socialism.
But: class is the center of marxist analysis.
During the time period you suggest that marxists should have been
demanding "Free Abortions!" those "actually-existing" socialist states
did provide free abortions.  Did people not know that?  Were US marxists
not getting the message out clear enough? (I am not mixing my marxists
up, here, dear comrades).  Perhaps there should be more political
freedom in the USA so that marxist parties could participate fairly.  I
smile as I write that.

On another side of the coin, how do you think nonmarxist US feminists
view population control and maximum reproductive rates?  Eco-feminism
should intersect somewhere with your developing theories of marxist

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