Re.: Non-Profit Entities - Reply to Cherie

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Tue Aug 13 13:20:43 MDT 2002

In the general sense, Cherie is correct.
In New York I knew a young woman who worked for non-profit foundations.
She confirms that upper class nature of the higher-ups
versus the lower class hire-ups.  There are exceptions, but usually
in the working segment where a young person of better breeding
is allowed to earn some summer cash under the watchful eye of
trusted ties.  Good experience for them, wot?

US audiences are familiar with the non-profit foundations that
claim sponsorship of certain programs on non-profit TV and radio.
They are generally the most sophisticated defenders of the system,
although ethical urgings are occassionally sprinkled into the
dough to make it rise in moral value. Their oft-intoned, self-annointed
devotion to the cause of quality and loyalty to public institutions
is also a familiar to Americans audiences, and any Canadians
watching from across the line.

There are also a few --far to few and there always will be too few
because of the nature of the system-- foundations that contribute to
worthy causes such as newly forming unions and cultural causes
of more social concern and relevence.  They are the exceptions
that make the rule, however.

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