Why is "capitalism" a trendy term again?

viveka kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Wed Aug 14 05:51:47 MDT 2002

Chris wrote:

> A weekend ago President Bush The Younger declared that the
> nine rescued miners demonstrated what was great about the
> USA: how we pull together and help each other.  I felt like
> someone had spiked my drink.
> So, um, Georgee, national health care would help.
> We've got millions of Americans trapped in cramped, dark,
> unhealthy, unpromising lives... while rich crooks slide
> around --oops!  Sorry, George may just be one of them crooks.

I had ocassion to see a snippet of this great photo-op and sensed some
unease among the miners so priveleged to be in the company of the King.  My
observation was confirmed by the following article:

"The miners themselves seemed somewhat embarrassed by the event. They failed
to join in the clapping at the president's applause lines. Bush's handlers
kept them far away from reporters and refused to organize any
question-and-answer period. "


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