Class V Gender

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Aug 14 11:32:49 MDT 2002

>My take on race, gender, culture, nationality, sexual orientation is that
>where these take the form of delineating modes of oppression, they are
>super-structural effects. Indeed, I would go further and state that as forms
>they have arisen from factors subject to the dialectical-materialist method
>of analysis.

Why, you moldy old fig, doncha know that all that dialectical-materialist
stuff went out the window in the mid 1980s? You can't be goin' and readin'
that Lenin stuff. You gotta get up to speed on Homi Bhabha:

"It is in the emergence of the interstices--the overlap and displacement of
domains of difference--that the intersubjective and collective experiences
of nationness, community interest, or cultural value are negotiated. How
are subjects formed 'in-between', or in excess of, the sum of the 'parts'
of difference (usually intoned as race/class/gender,etc.)? How do
strategies of representation or empowerment come to be formulated in the
competing claims of communities where, despite shared histories of
deprivation and discrimination, the exchange of values, meanings and
priorities may not always be collaborative and dialogical, but may be
profoundly antagonistic, conflictual and even incommensurable?"

"The Location of Culture"

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