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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Aug 14 13:31:57 MDT 2002

>Hi, I am new to the list I was hoping someone could tell me more about it :)
>Patrick Ryan

The Marxism list was born on May 1, 1998 after the list that preceded it
(Marxism-International) was hijacked by a super-sectarian moderator who
began to act unilaterally. I was the first to be expelled from that list,
but a whole slew of people followed. The list started out with about 60
subscribers (mostly M-I exiles) but is now at 410 or so, which includes
people who can post but who do not receive email. The discussions are
archived and viewable to the public. There are about 50,000 hits on the
archives per month.

The list is not designed to be a battleground between warring Marxist
organizations, although party members are welcomed here who can respect the
list ecology. The purpose of the list is to subject all manner of
assumptions to a thoroughgoing critique, including the all-important
question of what kind of organization is needed.

I am the moderator of the list and am under constant criticism for one
abuse or another, which I take in stride. The one thing I've learned in
cyberspace is that you can't keep everybody on an email list happy. You can
only keep their attention riveted, which we've been fairly successful at.
Even the people who leave the list in a purple rage (or who are shown the
door by me) still read the archives compulsively.

Louis Proyect

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