Class V Gender

todd boothby sirtainty at
Wed Aug 14 13:36:22 MDT 2002

ok, i've completed the irritating but no doubt
necessary task of clipping everything in order to
reply. i hope i haven't missed something.
never in human history have women, at least in the
advanced industrial countries, had such a favorable
position. having said that,they still have not
achieved equality in all spheres , although from the
point of view of health they live longer than men on
average. women have done a super job of empowering
themselves and promoting the sisterhood, etc,
especially bourgeois white women, whose voices of
oppression can be heard all throughout their golden
ghettoes...i don't see marxism as primarily about
rectifying gender inequalities but as the struggle of
the working class to obtain victory in its now open,
now hidden struggle with the ruling class.

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