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Thu Aug 15 02:47:52 MDT 2002

Or: Talk about BRASS!

A willing suspension of disbelief is not only crucial to reading fiction
but to fully appreciate the audacities of daily living in the material
world.  Note the name of the Genéral, VÁSQUEZ:

Venezuela Supreme Court Clears 4 Military Officers in Uprising
 By JUAN FORERO, New York Times, August 15, 2002
CARACAS, Venezuela, Aug. 14 — The Supreme Court of Venezuela today
dismissed the case against four military officers the government had
accused of rebelling against President Hugo Chávez in April.
The four officers cleared today are General [EFRAÍN] VÁSQUEZ, navy Rear
Adm. Héctor Ramírez Pérez, Vice Adm. Daniel Comisso Urdaneta and air
force Gen. Pedro Pereira.

 after army chief Gen. EFRAIN VASQUEZ demands Chavez' resignation,
rebel officers and soldiers seize him at Miraflores and bring him, first
to the Venezuelan army headquarters at Fort Tiuna, then to an island off
the Venezuelan coast.  A junta headed by Pedro Carmona Estanga, head of
the Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce and backed by key generals and
admirals, installs itself in power and unilaterally dissolves the
National Assembly, Supreme Court, National Electoral Council, and all
state and municipal governments. It also nullifies a package of 48 laws
approved by the National Assembly that the right regards as a threat to
the existing property system  
--from Walden Bello’s “Revolution and counter-revolution in Venezuela”

So how did the brass-hat traitors get off?
Lack of evidence

Believe it?
I don't either,
but it's true.

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