What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #504 August 14, 2002

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                            Green Left Weekly,
                       Australia's socialist newspaper
                                Issue #504
                              August 14, 2002

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: IRAQ: BUSH's WAR DRIVE BASED ON LIES

The Bush administration justifies its planned war on Iraq with the claim
that Iraq possesses ``weapons of mass destruction''. Green Left Weekly
explains why this claim is a lie.



 * IRAQ: US war drive `built on a bed of lies'
 * No war on Iraq!


 * High Court ruling: Refugees denied justice


 * INDONESIA: Australian embassy ignored killings at mine
 * SRI LANKA: `Peace process' on track
 * Workers' lives still expendable
 * TURKEY: US pushes Ankara toward war with Iraq
 * WORLD ECONOMY: Economists in denial
 * PALESTINE: Israeli occupation leads to poverty, malnutrition
 * UNITED STATES: Hail to the thief
 * UNITED STATES: Bush threatens dockers' right to strike
 * CAMBODIA: Pilger film draws good crowd


 * Peg Putt: `You can't stop the power of an ideal'
 * Janet Giles: `Unions need to be activist organisations'
 * TPV holders threatened with deportation
 * Letter from an Afghan refugee
 * NSW Labor will pay the price
 * Can unions stop the spread of labour hire?


 * NSW election campaign launched
 * Hundreds join Hiroshima Day rallies
 * Protesters oppose Iraq sanctions, war
 * Murris rally over stolen wages
 * Flags, solidarity and sleeping bags
 * Campaign for refugee sanctuary
 * UWA to become a refugee safe haven?
 * RMIT forced to drop detention centre bid
 * Refugee display stirs controversy
 * ACT Labor supports changes to refugee policies
 * Narangba opposed


 * How to fight the bosses' goons
 * Why the right hates Steve Earle
 * An uproarious `defence of the rich'
 * Green Left Weekly on TV!


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