Article on "Cover-Up and Denial of Genocide" (Kiernan)

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Thanks to Professor Kiernan for this interesting and well-researched piece;
I recommend it to all concerned with the question of genocide anywhere by
anyone despite its obligatory nonsense assertion that genocide has been
done/sanctioned as much on the left as on the right (obligatory for any
educational institution in the U.S. and elsewhere with government contracts
or just doing what they normally do--socializing students and the public
into the dominant paradigms, values and power structures.) For those
interested in Blackfoot and other documents/research on genocide, please go
to the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of
Minnesota and the Blackfoot documents may be found
under "Documents, Narratives and Histories".

As a comment, and in no way any criticism of Prof. Kiernan, it seems that
everywhere but the U.S. and the treatment of African-Americans and Indians
is a fit subject for "Native","Genocide or Holocaust studies." I was pleased
to find the words genocide and aboriginals--from anywhere--linked together
as more often than not, the "Native Studies" departments refuse to use the
word "genocide" when discussing the what and why of the disappearing Indian,
and the "Genocide Studies" departments often refuse to use the words
"Natives" or "Aboriginals" when giving examples of genocide.

Finally, as a point of international law, cover-up and denial of ongoing
genocide (and failure to aid in prosecution of those committing genocide by
competent tribunals) is also covered in the UN Convention on Genocide under
Articles I, III, IV, V, VI, VIII and IX.

Jim Craven

"Cover-Up and Denial of Genocide: Australia, the USA, East Timor and the
Aborigines," by Ben Kiernan, in Critical Asian Studies, 34:2, June 2002,

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