Capitalist Joke on the Poles

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Fri Aug 16 02:35:42 MDT 2002

Struggling Poles Have Little to Cheer Besides Pope
By MARK LANDLER, New York Times, August 16, 2002
The Polish economy, once one of the fastest growing in Europe, has hit a
wall. Businesses are failing, unemployment is soaring, and farmers are
restive. Government officials, having tried all the usual remedies
without success, are turning to the pope for something akin to divine
Mr. Kolodko said there were "many cases of mismanagement," but he
acknowledged, "There is simply an overproduction of food."

foreign companies like Carrefour of France have also opened giant
stores that undercut the local merchants. And Polish banks, which are
sinking under a mountain of bad loans, will not extend credit.
"People were told that the transition to the market is the transition to
a better future," he said. "It is extremely difficult to convince people
who are unemployed, and many of them unemployed for a long time, that
this is the better future."

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