Venezuela: strike called and protests continue against pro-coup court ruling

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Subject: [CubaNews] Judicial Verdict Continues Impacting Venezuela: from
Prensa Latina

Caracas, Aug 16 (PL) The verdict of the Venezuelan Supreme
Court (TSJ) acquitting four coup officers, continues to have
a profound impact on Venezuelan society.

On Wednesday, 11 Supreme Court justices approved a petition
to refuse to trial for the military men accused by the
Attorney General of participating in the April 11 coup

The TSJ determination did not recognize there had been a
coup d"etat in the nation and supported the groundless
theory that President Hugo Chavez was not kept prisoner by
them, but in their "supervision".

Street protests by followers of Chavez followers continued
yesterday with demonstrations near Miraflores Palace and the
National Assembly, although without confrontations with the
public force under control of the opposition mayor.

The coordinator of the Bolivarian Workers Force announced
street mobilizations for the next few days, concluding with
a national strike demanding punishment for the coupists and
dissolution of the TSJ.

The organization will present a demand to the Attorney
General"s Office demanding the action against the
magistrates that supported the coupists, according to the

The government"s congressional bloc will denounce the court
agreement to international organizations. According to their
representatives, this decision is non-democratic and they
will support a National Assembly declaration to reject it.

Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez is currently analyzing the
request by the Constitutional Court to annul this decision
because it violates the Constitution.

Rodriguez did not discard that the officers could be accused
of other charges, because he considers them guilty of
instigation and for usurping duties.

The attorney"s office confirmed that another group of coup
soldiers, waiting to be prosecuted, cannot benefit from
Wednesday"s decision because their responsibilities are

Actions protesting the decision continue to increase,
although the government has called on the people to observe
the TSJ resolution, without necessarily agreeing with it,
and to eliminate any vestige of violence from the protests.


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