Message from Jenin city

John O'Neill johnfergaloneill at
Sun Aug 18 06:31:45 MDT 2002


Arrived here in Jenin city on Friday. City itself is fairly damaged but the
refugee camp outside, which the Israelis attacked in June is unbelievable.
The whole centre of the camp, where there was once 300 houses is just a
massive pile of rubble, nearly every standing house is riddled with bullet
holes, big gaps caused by missiles etc many people living in half destroyed
houses with . 3000 people were made homeless by the invasion, still staying
with relatives in camp and city.

Constant incursions by Army but unlike many other places here there are
Palestinian fighters resisting. Yesterday tanks went into camp, met usual
resistance, we were near, could hear the shooting but they withdrew quickly.
We are staying in flat in centre of city, during middle of night, curfew,
tanks roaring through town twice, not a pleasant sound to wake up to!

Loads more to tell about whats happened in last days. Will send more info


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