Stiglitz: abolish the IMF

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Sun Aug 18 07:08:58 MDT 2002

McNamara went to Vietnam to say he was sorry.
There is no evidence that Stiglitz is now opposed to market
fundamentalism which is a euphemism for g;obal capitalism.

Henwood is very accommodating to neo-liberals such as Stiglitz, Krugman
and DeLong and very hostile to Third World socialists who are struggling
against the astrocities of these "heart in the right place" henchmen of
capitalism.  Henwood is forgiving to those who designed the capitalist
globalization system and relentlessly attacking those victims who are
forced to participate in it for being unenlightened and ideologically

LBO has made the big time with the mainsteam media using it as a
respectable source.  The deal he made with Stiglitz is LBO gets to join
the media club while Stiglitz is absolved for his ideological sins. Its
not the first time the Western left has sold out - that is what the
anti-communist left is all about.

Robert Weissman rejected my post on Stiglitz/McNamara for his stop-imf
site, while reporting on Henwood's interview of Stiglitz.

Henry C.K. Liu

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