Stiglitz: abolish the IMF

Mark Jones markjones011 at
Sun Aug 18 07:57:21 MDT 2002

At 18/08/2002 14:08, Henry wrote:

>LBO has made the big time with the mainsteam media using it as a
>respectable source.  The deal he made with Stiglitz is LBO gets to join
>the media club while Stiglitz is absolved for his ideological sins. Its
>not the first time the Western left has sold out - that is what the
>anti-communist left is all about.

Stiglitz is awful, appalling. I just listened to the interview and was
stunned by the banality of his alleged recantation, and the smug and
utterly phoney liberal angst that he and Henwood shared about the fate of
the poor in Africa. Stiglitz's final remarks on China reveals the utter
sterility and shallowness of the man. But what struck me most is the cosy
shared universe that he and Doug Henwood inhabit; I only realise now that
only in the US could either man pose as being of the left. Stiglitz is well
to the right of people like Christ Patten, a former British tory bigwig,
now a Brussels commissioner, and would be at home in the conservative
party. Henwood would have no problem finding a home on the rightwing of
Tony Blair's Labour party. Plenty of Blairites, like him, are anxious about
war with Iraq, in favour of 'humanitarian aid' for Africa--and also
supported bombing Afghanistan.

>Robert Weissman rejected my post on Stiglitz/McNamara for his stop-imf
>site, while reporting on Henwood's interview of Stiglitz.

Yes, well. What did you expect?


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