Patrick Ryan patk at
Mon Aug 19 08:45:43 MDT 2002

I had some questions about reparations.
I am Irish, and my family never owned
slaves; in fact they immigrated years
after slavery had been banned in the
North and the South.

-> Where would the money come from?
If it is taxes, wouldn't that just
elevate racism?  I worked a various
places where white workers felt
very angry if this would pass,
and understandably.  They never
owned slaves, I never owned slaves,
my family never owned slaves, but
we have to pay for the mess that
the capitalist class harbored?

-> Who would get it? Would
there be any verification that
the people received it actually
had slave relatives?

-> From a Marxist perspective, doesn't
this send the wrong message?  No need
to revolt and organize the black
proletariat, just sue!  Shouldn't
we be advocating the advancement
of the black proletarian as a whole?

-> There are several opportunities already
in place for young black Americans (especially
for college and university, I would have been
eligible for another thousand a month for
financial aide, had I been black) yet
clearly, looking at enrollment and
dropout statistics Black Americans
are not, for whatever reason, taking
advantage of it.  Shouldn't we find
out why, instead of throwing money
at the problem?

-> Does anyone know how Mumia Abu-Jamal feels
about this?

-> The Japanese who where to wrongly rounded up
during WWII in the America, some (even many)
could still be alive.  The same as those
who where oppressed by the Germany government.
Are there any former slaves alive today? No.
So all this money would be paid to people
who where never slaves.

I must make it clear I am really on the fence on this,
it might do a lot of good, or harm, I am just trying
to clear up my understanding. :)


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