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Mon Aug 19 14:22:53 MDT 2002

I've addressed this before.  As a people we've paid
reparations for slavery. Freeing four million took the
lives and health of about a million and a half.

What they'd not addressing is the question of
reparations for the betrayal after slavery was
abolished.  That would require discussing things like
the market economy, instituionalized racism, etc.

>From what I've seen and heard of this issue, it's an
attempt to whitewash capitalism and blame everything
blacks have faced on some older form of labor.  And, it
seems to me to be just another invitation for the more
liberal elements of the U.S. ruling class to sop its
conscience by throwing money at the black middle class,
which is no more generous with those socially below them
than are the whites.

As an issue, it's a diversion.

Mark L.

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