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todd boothby sirtainty at
Tue Aug 20 11:19:46 MDT 2002

marxism is full of inspiring phrases, very romantic really, inspired
by romantic era ideas, about the "world historical mission of the
proletariat..." and the uppity and arid concepts of commodity
fetishism and alienation from our "species being".  if you think in
these dramatic "world historical" terms then you are likely to be
willing to kill lots of people as an instrument of "History". if
"world historical" forces are at work, then the ends you seek are sort
of divine(at least in your Hegelian warped brain) and so any means are
justified to "do the work of History". common sense is disqualified as
just way too uninteresting( even if illuminating) and all
non-revolutionary approaches to the improvement of our civilization
are dismissed, probably because Lenin thought evolutionism was for
weaklings and stupid people. well look what lenin's thinking
wrought. i am willing to listen to the bernsteinians, the
evolutionists or reformists, if it means stable but slower gains and
less human misery caused by disruptive revolutions fomented by
romantics. revolution as a political process is more interesting than
gradualism but not necessarily better for those it was meant for. but
you can make movies about "revolutionaries" that will sell ....  k

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