kazaa.com, etc. (Napster colones survive)

Mohammad J Alam alam.m at neu.edu
Tue Aug 20 12:04:18 MDT 2002

Kazaa.com is hardly a new venture, along with its Morpheus twin it's been
around for a few years and is widely known among avid computer enthusiasts.
Additionally, it sucks. Just another bloated piece of p2p software.

The best way to go by far for serious file sharers is Direct Connect,
www.neo-modus.com, which is nothing but the bare essentials. You get a list
of hubs hosted on individually-owned servers worldwide with hundreds of
users on each one, choose one, and can easily get a room of 500-700 people
sharing 20-35 Terrabytes of data. Mostly movies, image files, software,
music, etc.

Of course in order to play in the big leagues you need to pack some digital
heat...a lot of the hubs have scripted limitations that allow only those
who are sharing a minimum amount of data - anywhere from 10 to 80 GB - with
a minimum of three open slots. Also, its best to have both the shared files
and the files being received on a secondary hard drive, because the
constant file transfers will make any other intensive tasks tedious.
Shouldn't matter if you are just browsing and surfing though.

That said, you can even find Marxist material on DC, especially the
European hubs. Of course, a similar search on American hubs will only bring
up the occassional "Richard Marxist".

That said, I even managed to

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