Stiglitz: abolish the IMF

Mark Jones markjones011 at
Tue Aug 20 14:50:14 MDT 2002

At 20/08/2002 19:21, you wrote:
>Mark J. wrote:
> > I only realise now that only in the US could either
> > man pose as being of the left.
>This statement is incorrect Mark.

I think I understand where you are coming from, if the idea is that
Stiglitz comes in  the category of a 'useful idiot'. I just hope we know at
all times which is tail and which is dog, tho. Not sure I do. Don't you
think that from the ruling class's subtle and sinister point of view, one
of the teleological purposes of having raving nazi loons like Dubya run the
place for a few years is that when later on you get someone  like a
Stiglitz (or a Jimmy Carter?) -- who actually doesn't rattle nukes over
your heads the whole time and probably throws a few bucks at health care or
something, then everyone heaves a big sigh of relief and we all get
delirious with joy just to be still alive and we get to think this already
communism. How many times have they pulled that flanker on us, and got away
with it? For every Nixon there's a Woodrow Wilson, for ever Thatcher
there's a Tony Blair. But I don't subscribe to this revolving door theory
of bourgeois politics any more. I believe in revolution, full stop, period.
I think we need to draw clear lines, and to hell with the consequences. If
you did that, you wouldn't get so many millionaire champagne-socialists
getting away with their hypocrisy so much, as you evidently do in Turkey
and as we do in the UK. Stiglitz is a creep. He was a goddamn banker, for
chrissake. As a certain person put it, for some people, four walls is three
too many. That's my 2 cents.


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