An argument against Stalins "facts."

Patrick Ryan patk at
Wed Aug 21 15:11:09 MDT 2002

>> Too often these days you open socialist magazines and papers and
>> instead of a Marxist analysis of the current situation you get a
>> rehash of old (and some very old and obscure) issues. It is as if people >> >> >> cannot overcome their own pasts and cannot get beyond the books and meetings
>> they read and went to in their teens and twenties. Historical research has
>> its place and the role of Lenin and Stalin are not to be discounted.
>> Especially the terrible, sectarian, stamp of Stalin and Trotsky on the 20th
>> century socialist movement must be put behind us. But unless Marxism is
>> relevant to today it is finished.

I am not debating open socialist magazines or papers, nor their relavancy.
I simply posted an obvious difference in an opinion of Lenin and Stalin.
Stalin clearly attempted to discredit Reed's book, however, Lenin said it was "truthful and vivid."

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