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marc rodrigues spotted this on the Guardian Unlimited site and thought you should see it.

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Most Britons are working class and proud of it
Wednesday August 21 2002
The Guardian

Two-thirds of the British adult population now claims to feel "working class and proud of it", according to a survey by Mori.

The social values poll also found 55% of those who would normally be called middle class claimed to have working class feelings.

The research, based on face-to-face interviews with 1,875 adults aged 15-plus, found 68% agreeing with the statement: "I'm working class and proud of it."

This compared with 52% agreeing with such a sentiment in 1999, 58% in 1997 and 51% in 1994.

Writing in Mori's commentary column, Roger Mortimore said: "It seems that over the period of office of the present government there has been a remarkable renaissance in the feeling of working class solidarity - a period during which, measured by conventional definitions, the size of the British working class has continued to fall."

He notes many of the public do not think of themselves as being in the class in which market researchers put them on the basis of their occupation.

"We have always found that considerably fewer of the public call themselves 'middle class' than fall into our ABC1 category (the middle class band), though the proportion has risen over the years."

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