McKinney Ousted by pro-Zionist

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu Aug 22 01:12:59 MDT 2002

Bob Anderson wrote:
> Remember when the Republicans said Bill Clinton took some change from
> sources in China?

I do seem to recall something of the sort.
Al Gore took money from some Asian religious bunch, also,
as Republicans are also fond of reminding everyone.

The two reps were ousted and outspent by pro-Zionist money.
So more money wins elections in the USA, yes, that's one thing.
And if Republicans were as consistent as principles would imply,
they would be bouncing off the ceiling on this one.
The NYTimes said voters elected more a "more moderate" choice ...
How responsible and refined of them.
I wonder if voters were encouraged to think that McKinney's
opponent Denise Majette was twice as moderate
by the expenditure of twice as much money on her campaign?

"Ms. Majette also outraised Ms. McKinney by nearly two to one,
pulling in more than $1.1 million in campaign funds,
much of which came from pro-Israel political action committees
and individual donors outside of Georgia."  (NYT 22.08.02)

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