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August 16, 2002

War games rigged?
General says Millennium Challenge 02 'was almost entirely scripted'

By Sean D. Naylor
Times staff writer

The most elaborate war game the U.S. military has ever held was rigged so
that it appeared to validate the modern, joint-service war-fighting concepts
it was supposed to be testing, according to the retired Marine lieutenant
general who commanded the game's Opposing Force.
That general, Paul Van Riper, said he worries the United States will send
troops into combat using doctrine and weapons systems based on false
conclusions from the recently concluded Millennium Challenge 02. He was so
frustrated with the rigged exercise that he said he quit midway through the

He said that rather than test forces against an unpredictable enemy, the
exercise "was almost entirely scripted to ensure a [U.S. military] 'win.' "


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