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> Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 13:10:22 +0100
> From: Mark Jones <markjones011 at>
> Subject: Re: McKinney Ousted and Query

> glad they've lightened up a little, you should too. There is also a link to
> the maoist Stalin site:
> Mark


Stalin's works have ALWAYS been archived at the Marxists Internet
Archive, as have works of all the writers represented on the old, and
now defunct, Marx-Engels Internet Archive, including many Stalinists
such as Mao and Dimitrov, to which we have added archives of the works
of Hoxha, Lin Biao, Krushchev, Deng Xiaoping, etc., many in English and
often in other languages, esp. Spanish and Chinese.

You are right that they do not appear listed among the Marxist Writers,
owing to a vote that was taken among the directors some years ago, but
your assertion that Stalin and Co. were ever not represented is at best
incorrect, and at worst either shows dishonesty or political prejudices
bordering on intellectual lassitude.

Check your facts next time.

- Juan Fajardo

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