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Sat Aug 24 11:34:57 MDT 2002

This URL was just sent on the H-LABOR list and I wanted
to pass it along.

There are lots of very stirring old labor tunes with
some very good new ones.  Also, there have been some
very fine new versions of old gems.  It's a sign of
better days when the official American labor movement is
no longer as willing as long it was to ignore its
fighting past.

As to Labor Day, the international workers' day is May
First--started by the AFL's push for the eight hour day
in the 1880s. Perhaps because of this, the U.S.
authorities chose to cede us a Labor Day in September,
different than that celebrated by the workers' movement
elsewhere. However, we've also celebrated the September
holiday since the 1880s as well.  Among historians, the
only dispute about the origins of the September date
seems to be which of our socialist comrades first
proposed it.

Mark Lause

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