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>>I began thinking about the education funding debate, the beliefs
>>behind the various funding options/lobbies and began wondering which
>>political party I should support. In essence this is the process of
>>the journal working for me the way I expect it to work for other
>>people: I get informed (however slowly) and as I become more
>>informed, I evaluate the different perspectives, parties and policies
>>and so I have to make a decision at some point about which one
>>reflects my beliefs most closely.Figuring out what they stand for can
>>be a job in itself.
>>The next part of this little thesis brings in some issues not usually
>>directly related to education when it is discussed, and not an issue
>>I usually take much interest in- the environment. Brenton (my son)
>>has taken up an interest in environmental issues lately and has got
>>me thinking. (yes, duck for cover NOW) I *think* it is the case that
>>the worst offenders in terms of environmental damage are the richest
>>countries, what we consider the most successful countries in terms of
>>standard of living. This got me thinking....
>>I suspect that the most developed countries are mixed economies-
>>capitalist markets with some government regulation. On this basis I
>>postulated a relationship between the type of political and economic
>>system and the amount of environmental damage per capita. It occured
>>to me that communism may have only sprung up in the countries in
>>which it has due to mass poverty giving some people the opportunity
>>to exploit the impoverished masses to enact their totalitarian
>>regimes. It is the case in the first instance of communism (Russia)
>>that mass poverty was the main contributing factor to the
>>organisation and overthrow of the monarchy in favour of 'rule by the
>>people'- which consequently became rule by a few people.
>>I wondered if communism had ever been tried in a 'prosperous' country
>>and if the results of communism as it has been enacted (which most
>>people in developed countries don't really like) is because communism
>>arose due to the exploitation of impoverished masses rather than
>>because of the basic will of the majority enacted in a cooperative
>>fashion? ie I wondered if communism enacted thusly would have
>>different (and more pleasing) results than communism as it appears to
>>exist the world over?
>>I also got to wondering about the objective of protecting the
>>environment and how important that is as an imperative- whether it
>>could be an argument for a more equal (and therefore poorer society
>>which causes less damage as it has lower per capita consumption).
>>Then I got to asking myself what were the moral or logical
>>imperatives to protecting the Earth when it would appear to have a
>>limited lifespan anyway?
>>As you can see, there are a lot of questions I have been asking
>>myself since I began thinking about school funding!!!!!!! If you can
>>help me with any of them I would be very appreciative. Feel free to
>>forward both messages around if you think someone on/off list
>>somewhere might be able to help me sort out these questons. They are
>>beginning to get on top of me and I am not sure what forums are for
>>if they can't help people sort out what they think and believe.
>>Thanks for any help and apologies for the length of the posts(!)

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