Ex-CP'ers prop up New Labour

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at virgin.net
Mon Aug 26 08:58:46 MDT 2002

Louis Proyect's posting 'Ex-CP'ers prop up New Labour' is timely. However,
there is a logical link between these New Labourites who had once been in
the British CP and their current politics. A whole bunch of not-very-radical
left-wing students joined the CP in the late 1960s on the basis that it had
a pretty efficient machine and, like them, it strongly disliked Trots. They
were the same people who took the CP into non-class politics --
Eurocommunism -- and all manner of middle-class fads and fashions that
downgraded the working class and the fight against capital. They soon
concluded that the working class and its trade union organisations were
irredeemably old-fashioned and corrupt. They subsequently became the
think-tank for the so-called modernisers in the Labour Party who wanted to
junk the vestigial links with working-class politics. They also eventually
took over the CP -- then closed it down! They were and remain utterly
undemocratic and manipulative in their operations, as bad if not worse than
the worst old-fashioned Tankie.

With that sort of political pedigree, what more apt fate than to end up as
the core of New Labour?

Paul F

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