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Mon Aug 26 12:51:11 MDT 2002

>i'm new to this and don't really know anything about jack barnes. i know some
>of the history of the trotskiest movement, particulary the swp, but it is
>very simple and a little vague. i've heard different stories about what
>happened to the swp during the late 70's, and how from then on you had a
>birth of different trotsky's groups that are now active.
>         i'd like to find out a little more about him and the current swp
> (us)
>since i've met some recently and found them more interested in fidel, che and
>cuba, then about trotsky and the russian revolution.
>        thanks.

There are many former members of the SWP on this list, including me. For
past discussions on this organization, go to: and enter "SWP" in the search field.

Or go to and enter
"SWP" in the search field there.

Finally, you can go to my own website at and do a search on "SWP" or
"Trotskyism" there.

Louis Proyect

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