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Mon Aug 26 16:32:16 MDT 2002


With all due respect, you did not listen to a word I said. I never made any
of the arguments you have assumed of me. I am not painting myself as "The
Happy Hooker", nor do I fall within the feminist camp that thinks of
prostitution as inherently empowering, I find that just as problematic as
the reverse position. Not that you asked my opinion, you just assumed it.

I have nothing more to say to you about this, you clearly have no intention
of listening to a word I am saying without mis-representing my point.


Response (Jim C): Well, since you do not know me and I do not know you, and
my response was directed more to your tone rather than content with the
reference to "whining" (which men typically do more than women if the truth
be known), all I can say that any misunderstanding of what you meant or
mischaracterization of what you said/meant was unintentional and not
intentional misrepresentation. Perhaps I am hung-over from the last
discussion we had on the subject some years ago and not really hearing what
you are saying.

Further, I do agree that the terms "whore" and "prostitute" do focus on and
differentiate on the basis of sexual gratification being the particular
"service" traded and I do agree that there are some "Puritan" and bourgeois
morality aspects of such focus and differentiation. Further, I am glad to
note that you do not take the pseudo-feminist position that "sex work" is
empowering and can give a psychological boost to women "dominating" men by
gaining from/manipulating males being driven by their libidos [at an early
age my mother used to tell me that men were given a brain and a dick but not
enough blood supply to make them both work at the same time] but as in the
case of rape, prostitution is more often about domination and control with
sexual gratification more as the instrument than the final and only object.
And I do agree with you that the term "whore" is used perjoratively and in
ways that the term "prostitute" is not but that they both mean the same

But as the DSP program noted, and I had not read it until Louis posted it,
some of the more well-suited/white/"educated" pomo-influenced prostitutes in
Australia and elsewhere, calling themselves "feminists", have wound up
giving and supporting the very same "rationales" as the johns that are
typically exploiting, taking advantage of and brutalizing children and
adults in very unique and dangerous ways; they also point out that only
"Puritans" are hung-up about sex and regard the "work" of sucking some
stanger's dick [possibly infected with who knows what] in a car in a
secluded place for chump change as somehow "different" from other kinds of
"work" and they too argue that they are merely making a "mutually
agreed-upon and mutually beneficial" arrangement and exchange no different
than buying bread at the store.

Any mischaracterization of your position was quite unintended as intentional
misrepresentations will always be corrected on this list. Think about
staying on the list but perhaps understand that we all have our issues and
we all need to learn and not just teach on this list.

As for your bringing in your personal experiences, or even "outing"
yourself, we all do it on this list and it is perfectly legitimate as long
as one is not asserting that our personal perspectives/experiences therefore
constitute final and irrefutable "evidence" or a basis to generalize beyond
our own particular experiences. As someone who has spent many hours in
Indian Health Clinics seeing the highly likely brutal effects and risks of
prostitution on those engaged in it, and as someone from a Nation with only
35,000 left and who has seen prostitution used as one of the weapons of
genocide in Indian Country, my own perspective on the pomo/pseudo-feminist
position of prostitution as potentially "empowering" and "just like any
other work" is shaped by those experiences--and I categorically reject that
position as you have noted that you do as well. So be it.

Jim Craven

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