Bolsheviks and the national question, 1917-23

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Aug 27 16:15:59 MDT 2002

>Question for Mark (or anyone else): Can you direct us to Jim Blaut's
>writings on the Bolshevik approach to the national question post-1917?

When Jim first showed up on the old Marxism list, he used to refer
everybody to his "The National Question" which was prompted by urgent
political and theoretical disputes in the Puerto Rican Socialist Party,
of which his wife was a central leader and he was a rank-and-filer. The
book is classic Blaut. Since our friends from Zed Press keep up with
Marxmail, I am going to see if they have an electronic version of this
out-of-print 1987 book. If so, I'd like to put it on the MIA website. If
not, I might find the time to scan it myself. I was fortunate enough to
track down a copy from which now sells used books. It wasn't
even in the Columbia Library. And it deserves an ongoing readership.


Louis Proyect

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