Palestinian Icon Remains an Inspiration

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By Haithem El-Zabri for Palestine Chronicle

Mustafa Zabri's assassination on August 27, 2001, was a shock to the
Palestinians and a date that became etched into the Palestinian collective
memory. It was also a stark reminder of the lengths Israeli Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon will go to in his effort to crush the Palestinian will.

Abu Ali Mustafa, the nom-de-guerre he was more commonly known by, was
the most senior Palestinian leader to be assassinated since 1988, when
a team led by Ehud Barak assassinated PLO leader Abu Jihad in Tunis.

Mustafa was born in 1938 to Ali and Aniseh Zabri, farmers from a small
village near Jenin. Starting at the age of 19, he was imprisoned several
times in Jordan for belonging to George Habash's Arab Nationalist Movement.
Ten years later, in 1967, Mustafa co-founded with Habash the Popular
Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The PFLP blended Arab nationalism
with Maoism and aimed for a democratic socialist one-state solution where
Palestinians and Jews would live together in freedom regardless of race,
religion, or color; where the rights of the majority are protected by
the fulfillment of the rights of the minorities. He considered Palestinian
resistance to the Israeli occupation a duty for every Palestinian and
for every person who believes in equality, justice, and peace.


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