Bolsheviks and national question, Blaut, and more

Mark Jones markjones011 at
Tue Aug 27 21:58:50 MDT 2002

At 28/08/2002 03:39, Nestor wrote:

>During these last years (and not without a strong influence by
>debates on Marxism and sister lists, particularly by a confrontation
>between my own ideas and those of Jim Blaut and Mark Jones) I have
>come to the conclusion that it is impossible to separate the
>phenomenon of the Soviet bureaucracy and the permanent agression by
>imperialism against the Soviet nationalities.

This is very helpful,as were those debates, and I and many others learnt a
lot, in my case almost everything I know about Argentina, from Nestor and
others at that time. Yes, we had raised the level of debate to a serious
assessment of the contradictory historical role played by the Soviet
bureaucracy, ie by the Stalin party-army-kgb establishment, which was no
bureaucracy in any weberian sense anyhow (there is a bigger bureaucracy
under the alleged 'slimline, small state' Russia of Putin/Yeltsin than
there was in Soviet times).

PS I also have a big Blaut archive; my website is offline now but most of
it can be found by searching the A-List website.

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