Bolsheviks and the national question, 1917-23

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Aug 28 08:02:15 MDT 2002

Richard Fidler:
>  A great idea, Lou. I found the book in the U of Ottawa library, and scanned
>Jim's chapter on Lenin and the Bolsheviks to the list in January 2001.
>However, I can find only part II of my post in the list archives:

Les Schaffer ferreted out part 1 and I combined the two and put it on-line
along with the other chapter from Blaut's "The National Question" that Mark
Jones forwarded. Go to: for
the full list.

Which leads me to another question of some importance. As anybody who has
spent time trying to search for old postings on can attest
to, the search engine leaves something to be desired. There are also some
inconsistencies in the way in which pages are presented chronologically or
by thread. In any case, since it has been free, we really can't complain.

But Hans Ehrbar has come to the rescue by making the archives available at: The search engine
there is much more reliable. We have messages going back to October 2001
and Les Schaffer will put all the earlier stuff out there within the month.
We owe Hans and Les a debt of gratitude for making this resource available.

Louis Proyect

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