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Jim Farmelant's letter was moving; he is indeed a "Nee-tse-tapi-kse" (that's
Blackfoot for a "mensch"). His letter strongly parallels, in eloquence and
substance, the opening of Roland Chrisjohn's "The Circle Game" "What if..."
(which I will attach here).

According to the Musquiem Decision of the Canadian Supreme Court in 1983,
the "presumptive title" of all the lands of present-day Canada is
"Aboriginal"; meaning that the burden of proof for assertion of "legal
[bourgeois legal] title" is on the non-aboriginals.

The is the kind of vile racism Indians deal with every single day. By the
way, in a limited respect, the Zionist scum has it right: Palestinians are
commonly referring to themselves as "Palestindians" and our most respected
Elders, who know very little about the history and complexities of the
Middle East, commonly refer to us as "The Palestinians of Noth America".

>From "The Pikunii Sun" Vol 1 No. 2 Newspaper of Pikunii (Blackfoot People)
and other interested persons. Also printed in "The Eastern Door" a newspaper
of the Mohawk Nation of Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada

                 by James M. Craven

  There is a great deal of sensitivity to one of the most
notorious of the many Holocausts humankind has suffered:
the Nazi Holocaust against Jews, Gypsies and others. Movies
like Schindler's List are a constant reminder of massive
suffering that must never be forgotten and historical lessons
that must be learned. Most believe that something like the
Holocaust of the Nazis against Jews or Gypsies or other
victims tageted by the Nazis could never happen here in America
or in Canada.

Imagine that something like what happened to Jews in Germany
happened in America or Canada. Imagine that Jewish children were
forced to repeat Christian prayers and were beaten or even
murdered if they spoke or prayed in Hebrew or Yiddish and spoke
or prayed Jewish prayers. Imagine if Jewish children were forced
to eat pork that was not only forbidden for religious reasons but
was also rotten, insect-infested and of the lowest quality so that
many children could be "fed" cheaply and very profitably.

Imagine if vulnerable and trusting Jewish children were
routinely sexually and physically abused by "clergy" and
when the sexual and physical abuse was discovered, those
who reported it were beaten or murdered while those who
committed the ugly deeds, were protected by powerful and
rich churches and sent elsewhere to do more crimes
to other Jewish children. Imagine that Jewish children were
used for medical experiments or used to test new drugs or
surgical procedures. Imagine if Jewish children were used as
sexual objects for powerful pedophiles--"dignitaries"--when
visiting the isolated institutions in which the Jewish children
were kept away from their families and communities.

Imagine if Jewish children were sterilized through coercion
or decption. Imagine if Jewish children were registered and
controlled by a BJA (Bureau of Jewish Affairs) that had a long
history of fraud, theft, abuse and dereliction of trust responsibilities
with respect to traditional Jewish lands and resources. Imagine if
the Jewish Ghettos, corrupt and sell-out Jews were selected or elected
through fraudulent elections to control other Jews in the interests of
bent on the eventual elimination--through murder, intermarriage,
redefinition, assimilation or sterilization--of all Jews.

Imagine if Jewish children were forced into special Boarding/Residential
Schools designed to beat, torture, intimidate and brainwash the "Jewishness"

out of them.

Imagine if there were football teams with names like the
"Kansas City Kikes", the "San Francisco Sheenies" or the
Jersey City Jew Boys" and at half-time, some caricature,
of what the bigoted and ignorant consider to be a "typical
Jew", came out to do the "money-grubbing tango". Imagine if
Jews were forbidden to celebrate Jewish holidays or to wear
traditional Jewish yamulkas or prayer shawls. Imagine if all
the precedents of Nuremberg and International Law (Treaties)
were routinely broken by non-Jews while Jews were expected to
keep all promises and responsibilities under those laws.

You say it could not happen to Jews in America or Canada what
was done in Nazi Germany? You say that especially after Nuremberg,
and the horrors that were revealed there, "Never Again",
anywhere? With respect to Jews in America and Canada, perhaps all
of the above and more could happen and perhaps not. But there is
no "perhaps" that all of the above and much more was done--and
is being done--in America and in Canada and elsewhere in the world
to Indigenous Peoples.

When do Indians and First Nations Peoples get movies like
"Schlinder's List" that expose the past and present of the
American and Canadian Holocausts? When do non-Indians care about
the American and Canadian Holocausts against Indigenous Peoples
as much as many non-Jews do --and should--care about the Nazi Holocaust?
When do Indians get the precedents, legal protections
and demands for justice of Nuremberg applied in--and to--the very Nations
that so piously and hypocritically sat in judgment at Nuremberg?

Jim Craven
Kainai/N.Peigan Pikunii
Blackfoot Nation

      "It is readily acknowledged that Indian children lose their natural
resistance to illness by habitating so closely in these schools, and that
they die at a much higher rate than in their villages. But this alone does
not justify a change in the policy of this Department, which is geared
   (Department of Indian Affairs Superintendent D.C. Scott to B.C. Indian
Agent-General Major D. McKay,   DIA Archives, RG 10 series).  April 12, 1910

The utmost good faith shall always be observed towards Indians; their land
and property shall never be taken from them without their consent."
(Northwest Ordinance, 1787, Ratified by Congress 1789)

"...but this letter being unofficial and private, I may with safety give you
a more
  extensive view of our policy respecting the Indians, that you may better
 the parts dealt to to you in detail through the official channel, and
observing the
 system of which they make a part, conduct yourself in unison with it in
cases where
 you are obliged to act without instruction...When they withdraw themselves
to the
 culture of a small piece of land, they will perceive how useless to them
are their
 extensive forests, and will be willing to pare them off from time to time
in exchange for necessaries for their farms and families. To promote this
disposition to exchange lands, which they have to spare and we want, for
necessaries which we have to spare and they want,we shall push our trading
houses, and be glad to see the good and influencial individuals among them
run in debt, because we observe that when these debts get beyond what the
individuals can pay, they become willing to lop them off by cession of
lands...In this way our settlements will gradually circumscribe and
approach the Indians, and they will in time either incorporate with us as
of the United States, or remove beyond the Mississippi.The former is
certainly the
termination of their history most happy for themselves; but, in the whole
of this, it is essential to cultivate their love. As to their fear, we
presume that
our strength and their weakness is now so visible that they must see we have
only to
shut our hand to crush them..."
(Classified Letter of President Thomas Jefferson ("libertarian"--for
propertied white
 people) to William Henry Harrison, Feb. 27, 1803)

"Hitler's concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of
genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United
States history. He admired the camps for Boer prisoners in south Africa and
for the Indians in the Wild West; and often praised to his inner circle the
efficiency of America's extermination--by starvation and uneven combat--of
the 'Red Savages' who could not be tamed by captivity." (Adolf Hitler, by
John Toland, p. 702)

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 > "What if some Indian showed up on 57th street and asked for his land
nobody would
 > take him seriously."

In Canada, aboriginal land claims are taken seriously. The BC Supreme court
recently ordered 10 acres in the middle of Vancouver to be returned to the
Squamish First Nation. The doctor's philosophizing is the sort one hears
from those occupants of a tavern whose rear ends have become molded to the
seats and whose voices have been polished to a smooth gravel by decades of
tumbling in stale smoke and cheap alcohol.

Tom Walker
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Louis Proyect

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