Venezuela's state oil company management shifts reflect conflicts

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Fri Aug 30 02:17:21 MDT 2002

Venezuela PdVSA Reshuffles Part Of Company Management


CARACAS -- Venezuela's state-owned oil monopoly Petroleos de
Venezuela (E.PVZ) reshuffled part of its top management, the
company said in a statement Wednesday.

The head of the refining department, Edgar Paredes, will
take over the presidency of the company's petrochemical unit
Pequiven, a post that was left open after Jose Rafael Paz
was named company vice-president earlier this year. Maria
Lizardo, the Pequiven vice-president, will now head Bariven,
the PdVSA unit used for the purchase of several goods and
services. Raul Aleman will take over the refining department
from Paredes. Aleman was general manager of the supply and
logistics department.

Planning director Luis Pacheco will move to New York to
oversee PdVSA's operations in the U.S., the largest market
for Venezuelan crude and refined products. Cesar Jimenez
will take over Pacheco's post. Jimenez was head of Intevep,
PdVSA's research and development department. Luis Andres
Rojas was named new Intevep president.

After labor turmoil among white-collar workers rocked the
company in April this year, PdVSA president Ali Rodriguez
has been working to reshuffle management and ease tensions.
Paredes, Lizardo and several of the others that have been
moved to posts outside of headquarters, formed part of a
wide range of white-collar workers that protested a
government-appointed board. Work stoppages severely
curtailed the company's operations and eventually led to a
protest march April 11 that ended in bloodshed and in the
temporary ouster of President Hugo Chavez. He was reinstated
by loyal troops 48 hours later.

After Rodriguez's appointment as PdVSA President, tensions
within the company have abated only slightly. Opposition
against the decision to resume shipments of 53,000 b/d to
Cuba on preferential terms despite Cuba's $142 million debt
is running high within the company while others claim
meritocracy isn't being respected by the new board.

PdVSA is one of the main suppliers of crude oil and refined
products to the U.S.

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Updated August 28, 2002 2:45 p.m. EDT

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