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Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Fri Aug 30 12:45:53 MDT 2002

Hunter wrote:

Next afternoon, we met at our bank -- the most traditional Mormon bank in
the whole heavily LDS Eastern Idaho region and strictly Idaho-owned.
Whenever possible, our family does business with Indians and other
minorities and with Mormons -- all of whom we trust --  and often there is
an overlap between ethnicities and LDS.  Tom paid, I left my Jeep in the
safety of the Bank's secure parking-place, and we went off  together with
the former owner -- in his new Jeep --  to his home for the '92.

Resonse (Jim C): Hunter, that is just wonderful doing business with the
Mormons; too bad they are not typically as open-minded in dealing with
non-Mormons who are on record opposing their sick, twisted, perverted and
racist theology or those who have committed no more "crime" than having left
the Mormons. Yes, individual Mormons can be very easygoing, apparently open
or whatever; but they belong to, endorse and proselytize for an organization
that has fronted for U.S. imperialism all over the Third World, whose
membership is openly a recruiting ground for CIA and FBI, an organization
that characterizes Indians as "Lamanites" whose "dark skin" is an "impurity"
reflecting the "mark of Ham" and who shall forever be "cursed" with dark
skin until they repent and on the "Last Day of Judgment", God will turn the
skin of the converted "Lamanites" "white and delightsome" (recently changed
to "pure and delightsome"). Gordon Hinkley, the most recent "Prophet and
Revelator" of the Mormons, about two years ago, made a public statement that
Indian children when taken into Mormon homes and raised Mormon, their skin
actually becomes "lighter" and even their DNA changes.

Try this: Ask your Mormon buddies if the Mormon Church is the ONE and only
true religion. Then ask them if the Book of Mormon is the latest and ONLY
true word of God. Then ask them if God is absolute, perfect and unchanging.
They will answer yes to all questions. Then ask them if God is perfect,
absolute and unchanging, and if the Book of Mormon is indeed the ONE and
ONLY and LATEST relevltion of the word of God, why, did God sanction the
beheading of Laban for being drunk on guard in one part of the Book of
Mormon, and yet in another part of the BOM supposedly say that never has he
asked and never will he ask or sanction that blood be shed in his name. Ask
that question and see how friendly, trustworthy your Mormon buddies are. You
will wind up on a blacklist and really see how vicious and bigoted these
types really are. You are promoting, with your personality politics a very
sick, twisted, genocidal organization who regards, as official doctrine, all
non-Mormons as in one of two camps: those  yet to be converted; those who
are enemies to be isolated, boycotted and even exterminated. That is the
real Mormon Church and those who belong to it, no matter what masks they may
wear, are sworn to uphold that doctrine.

Shit, I know some hard-core racists who in personal conversations, appear to
be quite friendly and open. Even the skinheads and remnants of the "Aryan
Nations" has taken a whole new front in recruiting and public discourse. It
doesn't matter. They are what they are and they support (covertly and
openly) what they support.

Any Indian in the LDS, or supporting the LDS in any way, IMHO simply ain't a
real Indian. They are supporting an organization bent on the forced
assimilation and/or extermination of what they DARE to call their own blood
and People. My mother, and many other Indians I know, knew the Mormons and
Fort Hall better than you could ever hope to know them/it.

One more time:


I am new to the list. I joined in hopes that maybe I could help right
some of the wrongs that I have done.

I officially left the Mormon Church aka LDS Church (officially known as
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) six years ago after having
been most faithful in that organization my entire 47 year life span. I am
just glad that I finally woke up before it was too late. I fulfilled a two
year mission to Guatemala and El Salvador in the early 1970's where I taught
the local indigenous people that they were descended from the jews of
Jerusalem around 600 B.C. when a prophet there was commanded by God to sail
to the Americas and populate that hemisphere. I also taught them that after
those people arrived a few of them turned against Jehovah and that God
cursed them with a dark skin, but that if their descendants
repented in the last days, their skin would become white and delight some.

This story is the foundation for the Book of Mormon, which mormons call
scripture. I later became a professional social worker and spent about 3
years of my time on and off helping run a Native American Placement program
within the LDS Church that took children from 8 to 18 years of age from off
of the reservations in the South West of the United States and placed them
in LDS homes in Utah for education and church training.

I deeply regret being so naive, misinformed and stupid for having bought
into this heinous behavior, but at the time I felt I was doing God's work. I
remember feeling sickened and nauseated while watching the movie, "The
Emerald Forest" which depicts catholic fathers decimating an indigenous
tribe with all their bull shit.

The mormons still preach this racists doctrine and place thousands of
copies of the Book of Mormon each year. Unfortunately, the mormon are
growing very rapidly in Mexico, Central and South America among the native
people there. If you do not know this, I am posting here to warn you that
this insidious practice continues and is gaining momentum.

I currently can not stomach being associated with or involved with any
organized religions.

  Steven   aka Cricket

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