Trashing the Mormons -- via the book "Blood of the Prophets"

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Fri Aug 30 16:22:56 MDT 2002

On the Mormons.  You know much about much, Adam -- but, if you knew anything
of substance  at all about Mormons -- especially first-hand in the Real
West -- you would not have made the broadly defamatory, bigoted comments you
did. I suggest you spend a few minutes with Bill Haywood and Wallace

Hunter Gray  [Hunterbear] (strawberry socialism)
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´

Response (Jim C): Notice I have not once quoted from anti-Mormon literature;
I quote from the Book of Mormon itself. The book of Mormon is about the
battle between the Nephites (white settlers said to be in God's grace) and
the Lamanites (the evil and wicked Indians cursed with dark skin for
"choosing" to be evil--opposing colonizing white settlers).

It is not about individuals, eventhough Hunter continues to frame virtually
everything he writes in terms of himself and his own personal individualized
experiences (this can lead to and/or reflect what is called narcissism.) I
don't give a damn about Big bill Haywood's personal experiences/endorsements
of particular Mormons; (guess what?; I have actually hired hard-core Mormons
as part-time teachers looking beyond, as they would never do with
non-Mormons, their theological/ideological propensities). To call
anti-Mormonism "bigotry" when their dogma, "Holy Book" and practices are
clearly racist and genocidal, is to call anti-bigotry "bigotry" and thus an
inversion/perversion of the word bigotry itself; bigots love this illogical
and disingenuous twist of logic and language.

Deal with the Book of Mormon itself Hunter. Have you read it? I most
certainly have. Deal with why the CIA and FBI have a clear preference for
hiring Mormons. Deal with the comments and experiences of ex-Mormons,
formerly in very high positions and what they say they were about and what
they were doing as Mormons. Shit, what kind of teacher, never mind Indian,
are/were you? You introduced the provocation with that blanket endorsement
of Mormons and Mormonism, now you want to run and mischaracterize counter
comments that you can't/won't deal with? Just what kind of "socialism" is of
the "strawberry" flavor? Is it some kind of personally gratifying

We all respect your history and contributions; Lord knows you make us all
aware of them in every message. But past is past and past contributions are
no credentials for the present necessarily and certainly past
history/contributions are no "authority" in lieu of evidence and reason;
that goes for me and everyone else.  

Deal with the issues, reasoning and evidence or don't raise stuff you know
will prompt responses with which you are unprepared/unwilling to deal.

Jim C

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