Trashing the Mormons -- via the book "Blood of the Prophets"

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--- Hunter Gray <hunterbadbear at> wrote:
> With virtually no evidence of any kind, Turner was certainly trashing
> the
> whole Anasazi  people -- society and culture -- and the Toltecs as
> well.

Hunter, physical evidence is hardly "virtually no evidence of any
kind." The fact that you grew up in Flagstaff does not negate said
evidence. Is it absolute, 100% proof? No, but then archaeology rarely
is. But something seriously wonky must have been going down in the area
for there to be butchering marks on human bones.

> Turner's work has been much shot down.  You might want to see my
> comments on
> the matter via the link I provided in an earlier post a couple of
> hours or
> so ago.

I did read it--your comments didn't deal with evidence of any kind, or
with Turner's arguments. Hunter, I have a great deal of respect for you
(and for Natives in general, including the Anasazi), but the fact that
you don't like the theory doesn't mean it doesn't hold water.

> On the Mormons.  You know much about much, Adam -- but, if you knew
> anything
> of substance  at all about Mormons -- especially first-hand in the
> Real
> West -- you would not have made the broadly defamatory, bigoted
> comments you
> did. I suggest you spend a few minutes with Bill Haywood and Wallace
> Stegner.

Hunter, what did I say that wasn't true? That Mormon theology, until
recently, was steeped in racist dogma? (From what Jim is posting, it
still is.) That the Mormons gleefully participated in the genocide of
Native Americans? Or that polygamy, as practiced by the Mormons, is
inherently anti-woman and sexist? All this is matter of record.

As I said before, I don't deny that there are good Mormons. (I'm afraid
Haywood is dead, so unless you're suggesting I off myself I'm not going
to be spending any time with him anytime soon.) But I stand by my
comments that the Church itself is incredibly reactionary.


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