Impasse, what impasse?

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestorgoro at
Sat Aug 31 07:51:52 MDT 2002

I am afraid that Lou has repeated the mistake of the blind watchguard 
in Mel Brook's _Robin Hood_ (Original title was "Men in Tighs", if I 
am not wrong). Robin discovers, with amazement, that their camp has 
been kept safe by a blind watch. Of course, he asks him how does he 
perform his duty. "Just guessing", was the answer, from atop a very 
tall tree. 

Lou Proyect wrote:

"political and social impasse in Argentina"

Be merry, dear comrades, there is no impasse at all down here. The 
mole is frantically digging its way, only that it is working deeply 
below the surface. Of course, the whole structure of the media and 
the colonized parties (from the ultra-right of López Murphy to the 
ultra-left of Altamira, including both the Radical and the 
Justicialista party, of course) will never accept this, and will not 
allow any of this to perspire outside our frontiers.

The immediate outcome will NOT be a socialist revolution. But history 
has been set in motion and, in spite of temporary slowdowns to gain 
breath, it won't be stopped. The days of capitalism, in Argentina, 
are beginning to fade away. For good. The movement is only beginning, 
in the usually ironic Argentinean way, with an increasingly massive 
bet to the Presidency of Adolfo Rodríguez Saá, who is no Socialist 
nor factory worker but will attempt to reinstall history (at the very 
least) at the point where it was frozen on September 15, 1955. This 
simpleton and impossible massive hope is already making red lights 
blink in the command desks of the powers-that-be.  Let us watch our 
own command desks, because there should be some green lights shining 

The idea that we are in an "impasse" is promoted by those who have 
nothing to offer to the Argentineans, nor, in fact, to the peoples of 
the world. But news of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

Hugs to all, 

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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