Hunter Gray

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sat Aug 31 21:51:29 MDT 2002

I'm sorry too about Hunter and like Mark hope that he will be back soon.  I
had just caught up with his wonderful posts on Gold and his grandson's
first car. I am about to descend into the used car maelstrom myself and got
a lot of laughs out of what Hunter wrote.

I think I once saw a short film/doco about the lost Gold about 50 years
ago.  Hunter's tale brought it all back - magically.

As for the Mormons - I have an almost pathological hatred of organised
religion - chiefly Catholic - but am working on it (Not too hard).  Mormons
used to come round here and the last lot proved reasonably friendly - but
they gave up on me after bestowing a blessing.

Hasn't done any harm as far as I can see.

As a boy I used to sit in the Catholic Church (the Sacred Heart) in my home
town of Omagh and mediate on the granite pillars.  I had a favourite
fantasy that I possessed a magic scythe that could cut down the
pillars.  And there I would sit merrily slicing into the supports - like
Samson in Gaza I suppose.

However life has since taught me that even in my greatest fantasies I could
not do the damage to the Church of Rome that it has done to itself. The
flood of scandals surrounding the clergy has not even begun to peak and the
Church has no way of even beginning to take the steps necessary to abate
never mind stem the floods that will sweep it away.

Only goodness will survive. Why I am not sure but I am deeply convinced
that there is a dialectic working for us who want to see a better
world.  We just have to be strong and broad minded enough to be part of it.



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