H2 as energy bridge/Natural gas reserves.

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Windfarms, according to british govet research, cannot replace more than 20%
of existing electricity grid supplies. There are various reasons for this,
storage being primary. The point is that windpower is not cheap and to try
to get a 'fossil free' replacement energy system based on carriers like
electricity and H2 would require very large, in fact phenomenal
infrastructural investments. Existing pipelines cannot be used for H2;
everything will have to be built again. This means effectively using up much
of the the worlds remaining fossil energy reserves in  gigantic gamble, to
invest capital and irreplaceable fossil fuel in the new H2/photovoltaic
system which will replace it. Is that likely? PV's are still hopeless
uncompetitive and uneconomic. No-one has yet managed to manufacture a single
PV cell using only energy from renewable supplies.

As for natural gas, your friend is surely misinformed. There is a severe and
growing natural gas supply problem right there in the US. Check Matt Simmons
(a key Bush energy adviser) website on this.

I have a lot of data on natural gas if anyone is interested. There's a lot
on the A-List archive too.

There is no great world surplus of nat-gas and what there is is mostly i the
wrong place. Na gas can be moved and exported but it is very expensive to do
so. Around half of Russia's allegedly vast nat-gas reserves are in places
like the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic Circle and may never be extracted
because of the huge costs involved and for environmental reasons. Yes, there
is natural gas everywhere including like in subsea methane hydrates. But it
will never be used, or only at such a price as to plunge world capitalism
into permanent energy-starved economic epression. The era of cheap fossil
fuel is over.


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