Convention of PO in Argentina

Armand Diego causebellum at
Sun Dec 1 01:44:03 MST 2002

The Workers Party (PO) had its open, public session of
its National Convention in the Club Comunicaciones.
About 700 people participated which was in certain
ways disappointing for the organizers who expected at
least three times that number.

PO, who benefited somehow of the political crisis
opened up with the revolutionary crisis last December,
seems to be decaying now.  I heard many comments of
people really disappointed at recent declarations made
public by the leadership of PO.

The first one was to threaten with violence the
partisans of Peronist candidate Rodriguez Saa if they
showed up on December 20 in Plaza de Mayo (demos in
commemoration of last year's uprising)and the fact
that they characterized Lula as the "agent of
financial capital and imperialism."

In the most receditorial theythey also called the USFI
a "counter-revolutionary tendency."  Apparently, PO,
who was trying to break out of more than 30 yeofs fo
sectarian existence and was finally getting the ear of
an small segment of the unemployed, is wasting
itreceividismdism into sectarianism.

A number of other left organizations also pointed out
that PO has resorted to violent behavior with what
they call "opponent organizations."  The latter
include some small groups and the remaining sections
of the LIT.

In another news from this countries of pampas.  There
are at least four demonstrations called to converge at
the same geographical point - Plaza de Mayo - on
December 20.  One is called by Rodriguez Saa and his
partisans; the second one is called by the CTA (one of
the workers' confederation which is allied with the
Maoists PCR/CCC; a thir one called by the Bloque
Piquetero Nacional - combining the forces of PO, CP
and others and a fourth one called by other left
organizations such as the MAS, PTS, MST, etc.

Also the Madres of Plaza de Mayo are calling to
participate in a demonstration, but it is not clear
whether they will join some of the others as a
contingent or they will have one of their own.

The CTA/denouncednnounced Menem, one of the
Presidential candidates for the Peronists of offering
20/25 pesos per capita (about 7-8 U$S) to everyone who
would participate in riots and assaults to
supermarkets on December 20.

The government used this accusation to announce that
they will have special police presence in supermarkets
and other big stores, as well as in Plaza de Mayo.
The governmedenouncednnounced the left as trying to
provoke violence.

It did not help a bit the fact that PO, the CTA/CCC,
Saa and others crossed insults and threthe for hte
last two weeks.  Neither did help the fact that PO is
calling for another "Argentinazo" (uprising) and
othorganizationsziations for anboycotte boycot of the
elections through a general strike and a massive
mobilization (of course, neither PO or the other small
left parties has the ability to carry out their calls)
but there is enough of a ratmospheremosphere in the
capital as to expect some kind of trouble on the 20.

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