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Armand Diego reported:

"The Workers Party (PO) had its open, public session of
its National Convention in the Club Comunicaciones."

"About 700 people participated which was in certain
ways disappointing for the organizers who expected at
least three times that number."

"PO, who benefited somehow of the political crisis
opened up with the revolutionary crisis last December,
seems to be decaying now.  I heard many comments of
people really disappointed at recent declarations made
public by the leadership of PO."

"The first one was to threaten with violence the
partisans of Peronist candidate Rodriguez Saa if they
showed up on December 20 in Plaza de Mayo (demos in
commemoration of last year's uprising)and the fact
that they characterized Lula as the "agent of
financial capital and imperialism.""

In fact, nobody cares much about PO in Argentina, not even the
students at the universities where this group somehow, painfully,
thrives. Its approach towards Marxism is reminiscent of that of a
Rabbinic sect, what makes their particular brand of Marxism quite
unpalatable for whoever wants to do anything better than repetition
of shibboleths;  the above comments by Armand on their concrete
attitudes are more than enough to understand why they will never be
accepted by the mass of the Argentinean people. 3

Moreover, their so much proclaimed "growth" in the piquetero front
these last months has been more of a swell than of a growth. In fact,
most of their followers will vote Rodríguez Saá during the next
elections, but don't tell this to anyone because through the
organisations led by PO they obtain some benefits from the powers-

PO has recently been main actor of two ridiculous (if not tragic)

(a) the negotiation of the "Bloque Piquetero"  with Duhalde over the
issue of whether they would be able to arrive unchecked to Plaza de
Mayo or not during November 26th last, a negotiation where at last
Duhalde "caved in" because it was obvious to whoever wanted to see
that by strengthening PO's Bloque Piquetero -BTW: another "victory"
of PO, to split the piquetero movement along sectarian lines!- he
would help increase the uneasiness of population at "what might
happen" on December 19/20.

(b) the thunderous and ridiculous defeat of the students of the
Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, where
they tried to implement a ridiculous "occupation" of the Office of
the University's President without hinting at a negotiation. After
long weeks of "occupation", the students got nothing. At least, they
were not fired, which is what uses to happen in labor conflicts led
by PO.

As to their petty quarrels with USFI, nobody cares about them here.
So that the comment on the quarrel by Armand Diego has no interest at

"Apparently, PO, who was trying to break out of more than
30 yeofs fo sectarian existence and was finally getting the ear of
an small segment of the unemployed, is wasting itreceividismdism into

Remember when I compared them to the scorpion? And they are not the
only ones. They are the most obvious ones. That's all.

Here, Diego is utterly wrong:

"PO, the CTA/CCC, Saa and others crossed insults and threthe for hte
last two weeks."

Nobody on Rodríguez Saá's camp has insulted anyone.  I give my word
on this, but I also appeal to reason: what interest can the leading
candidate in the elections have to waste time with these midget

Conversely PO has insulted Rodríguez Saá, CTA has, other Leftists
have. All of them have insulted Rodríguez Saá. This is completely
understandable, because they hate the national movement. But neither
Rodríguez Saá nor his allies have even cared to waste a second of our
time with those howling sects. They are very busy trying to make sure
that the meeting at Plaza de Mayo is peaceful and does not give to
provocations, whether from PO, Menem, Duhalde, or the PTS.

As to the political options of these "leftists" (summed up below by
A.D.), all of them shun the main issue: which is the necessity that
we have _elections as soon as possible_.

These elections are the natural outcome of the 19/20 December, but in
a traditional way with Argentinean society the "left" -who has not
been present on the Square a year ago- has been generously offered by
the establishment the right of property to those mobilizations. Same
thing happened with the Cordobazo. Only that, while in 1969 you had
Perón and Peronism to take the lead in assuming the Cordobazo as
their own (and they did not because the Cordobazo was too much for
Perón to bear), now we have Rodríguez Saá, who is very eager to
accept the lot of the 19/20 (BTW, during the Cordobazo he was a
student of Law in Córdoba, and it was this mass mobilization which
turned him finally towards popular nationalism from his origin in the
Conservative groups of San Luis).

"  Neither did help the fact that PO is
calling for another "Argentinazo" (uprising) and
othorganizationsziations for anboycotte boycot of the
elections through a general strike and a massive
mobilization (of course, neither PO or the other small
left parties has the ability to carry out their calls)
but there is enough of a ratmospheremosphere in the
capital as to expect some kind of trouble on the 20."

I bet there will be no trouble at all on the 20th. I bet there will
be (in
fact, I report that there are already) negotiations, led by
of R. Saá's MNyP, in order to bring most of the participants of the
together around a peacefully agreed tolerance. I bet that the
sectarian antipopular "left" will be drowned by the mass of
population who will go to the Square.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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