Melting ice (of all types)

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at
Sun Dec 1 18:41:13 MST 2002

I did a little research today (I was back at work, as a sci-tech
editor/producer) on the ice melting thing.

In particular, a google of glaciers and global warming or climate change in
their new news search is revealing.

Glacier National Park, on Montana's border with whatchamacallit where Fidler
lives, is due to get a new name in 15 or 20 years. About 80% of the snows of
kilimanjaro are gone now. Pretty soon all that will be left is Hemingway's
story. The nevados of Venezuela have virtually disappeared. In Bolivia,
Glaciers have been a key component in microclimates and river/lake systems
that provide a lot of irrigation and drinking water. Even in New Sealand (hi
Phil) the south island glaciers that had been accumulating a lttle mass
until 1997 or so are in retreat.

Didn't see anything much on the really big ones, Greenland and Antartica, or
much from Canada or Alaska or Russia.

May have been there, I just didn't need for my purposes more than the
initial page of results.


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