Melting ice

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Mon Dec 2 06:42:12 MST 2002

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Yes there is a problem of ice melting but the question is why this happening
is? Answer to this question is due to increase in temperature and with the
increase in temperature density of water decreases and this decrease in
density causes increase in volume of water and that is the real issue.

Last year I was given a project to find out the impact of increase of
temperature and the result was really horrifying that with the increase of
only 1.5°C temperature there could be an increase of 1 m - 1.5 m in sea level
and that could be devastating for the countries like Bangladesh.

This is also more profound effect of global warming more pronounced in my
country i.e. Pakistan which is alteration of weather Pattern due to which we
are witnessing below average rain fall and the resultant drought like
condition in many parts of the country.

Masood Nawaz

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