FBI surveillance of Graham Greene

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 2 08:27:05 MST 2002

Michael Keaney wrote:
> In life as in fiction, Greene's taunts left Americans in a quiet fury
> US compiled secret reports on novelist for years, FBI files show

Just a word or two in appreciation of Graham Greene. I have read every
single one of his novels, except for those in the Catholic genre like
"Power and the Glory". For my money, he is not only one of the great
prose stylists of the 20th century, he is also one of the sharpest
critics of the capitalist system that ever used the novel as a medium.
Most comrades are probably familiar with Orson Welles's "The Third Man".
As good as this film is, the novel is even better in its description of
the sheer depravity of a kind of opportunist vulture who would descend
on Eastern Europe a few decades later. There's a new film out based on
"The Quiet American" that supposedly mutes the anti-imperialist cutting
edge of Greene's novel. I suppose I will see it anyhow, as well as
"Rabbit Proof Fence", also directed by Phillip Boyce, which deals with
the forced assimilation of aboriginal people in Australia.


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